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Step one to qualify as a Mystery Shopper with AQM - Understanding the requirements.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Mystery Shopper.

Applications are currently only available for Australian and New Zealand nationals or permanent residents.

Before you are eligible to become a part of our Shopper Team, you firstly need to read through 3 sets of information as part of Step 1.

You'll then go to Step 2 to answer multiple choice questions based on the information you have just read in Step 1.

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AQM Reading, #1 of 3

Qualities of a Good Mystery Shopper

1. Anonymity:

A good mystery shopper is always anonymous.

2. Reliability:

  • A mystery shopper who does not reliably complete assignments cannot remain on our shopper database. Of course, we realise that occasionally a situation arises that prevents a shopper from completing an assignment they have agreed to take.
  • Reliable shoppers contact us immediately to inform us of the situation.
  • Reliable shoppers submit their reports on the same day that the contact has been made.

3. Accuracy:

  • Feedback reports must be completed in detail.
  • Areas cannot be left blank.
  • Questions cannot be overlooked.
  • You must read all the instructions and helpful tips given to you to ensure you fully understand what is expected of you and what we require on your feedback report.
  • Your written observations must agree with the way you scored questions.
  • If we have to contact you to ask for missing information or clarify what you have submitted your payment may be reduced.

4. Review:

After you submit your feedback report it is reviewed by a Project Manager who checks it for completeness, detail, accuracy and to be certain that it meets the high standards of AQM.

Other Considerations:

  • You must be at least 18 to complete an assignment.
  • You cannot participate in a project where you or any member of your household is employed by the end user client or associated entity.
  • You cannot participate in a project if your household or mobile phone number is listed on the National DO NOT CALL REGISTER

Names are very important:

  • Your report loses all of its value if we are unable to identify who the feedback relates to.
  • If for some reason the operator does not say their name at call commencement or if you have missed it, it is important to rectify this by asking for it before the conversation comes to a close.
  • Payment will come to you in the form of a Direct Deposit into your nominated account at the end of the assignment once payment has been received by us from the company the project was conducted for.
  • We ask for your patience in this process as we are unable to pay you until we ourselves have been paid.
  • Follow the specific instructions and complete all sections of the questionnaire in full, which includes taking care when writing the comments.
  • Try not to abbreviate your sentences eg: “Went through product info”, instead should be: “The rep went through the product information”.

For most assignments you will be requested to write a detailed paragraph about your experience:

  • These are very important to the client.
  • When making written comments, the comments must agree with your scoring.
  • When you score something as “no”, be sure to comment on why you scored it that way.
  • Report your detailed factual observations and personal reactions, not what you feel others might think.
  • Frame your comments as “I felt…” or “I observed…” rather than “They should…” or “customers like…”.
  • You must not mention the reps name in your written comments; these comments are often used for training exercises and must make no mention of which rep the comments relate to.
  • Use as many “actuals” and “specific” information that has been given to you, almost as if you are relaying the call back to us, eg: if rep mentions a price, we need to know what price was give.
  • If a project is assigned at a particular date and time it is for a variety of different reasons, such as spreading out feedback evenly over the time period, aiming to speak with a specific person who may be working on that day or trying to assess how CSR’s react to busy/slow periods.
  • If you find you can’t do an assignment and you’ve already agreed to – please let us know at least 24 hours before so we can re-allocate the assignment.
  • Please keep your personal details supplied to us updated.
  • None of your details will be made available to anyone outside of AQM without your express permission.
  • Please read ALL emails and assignment details carefully, as they will always provide important information regarding the project and the client.
  • To participate in any Mystery Shopping assignments you will need a computer with access to the Internet as well as having EXCEL Spread Sheet software to be able to view the Project rosters.


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